About the Baltimore Port Alliance

Mission Statement

The Baltimore Port Alliance will improve the Port of Baltimore by creating a forum where information that impacts the Port Community can be presented in a constructive environment and acted upon in support of the members and the Port as a whole.

 The Port of Baltimore Works for Everyone

The BPA is a non-profit group of maritime business representatives dedicated to addressing the needs and interests of businesses and individuals who make their living and support their families through maritime commerce.
Through information advocacy and service, we seek to protect the business climate for Marylander's by promoting the importance of the Maritime Industry in our State through sponsoring community and legislative forums, keeping elected officials informed, and fostering better communications with state and federal resource agencies.

What We Do

Our efforts focus on:

  • Maintaining and improving Maritime Commerce
  • Monitoring legislation that affects the safety and health of the Port and its navigational channels in the Chesapeake Bay
  • Adhering to Federal and State Maritime/Seaport Security policies
  • Protecting industrial/commercially zoned property surrounding the Port of Baltimore waterfront community